5 Reasons to Choose Us for Pharmaceutical Printing

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  • 5 Reasons to Choose Us for Pharmaceutical Printing

Fisherprint TLC is a leading pharmaceutical printing services specialist. We have a large portfolio of completed projects and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry to deliver high quality products that meet exacting standards.

But what makes our in-house team so special and unique?

1. Certification

We are certified to PS 9000:2016 (from 2011) – the standard developed by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) to cover the manufacture of packaging materials for medicinal products and to certify they are safe and appropriate for the use they are intended.

This proves our commitment to quality and means we take full responsibility for the overall print finish – removing the need for our pharmaceutical clients to carry out further inspections, meaning they and their patients are fully protected.

2. Miniature Print Capability

We can print on paper as thin as 45gsm. The average printing company typically has a minimum paper weight constraint of 90gsm which is significantly more bulky and doesn’t allow for the tight and complicated folds required in pharmaceutical printing.

3. Miniature Finishing Capability

Most printers will stitch down to A6 size, whereas we have the capability to stitch as small as 65mm x 35mm. We are also specialists in miniature folding; particularly useful in the pharmaceutical sector this process is space-saving, cost-effective and ensures the finished products are 100% accurate and tamper-free.

4. Spine Glued Capability

Our unique spine glued capabilities allow us to produce a tamper-proof product which makes it immediately obvious if pages have been forcibly removed. In addition, because spine glued booklets are produced using one sheet of paper, it is impossible for pages to be erroneously missed or duplicated. As a result we can guarantee the integrity of the finished product which is crucial in the content critical pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

5. Quality Control

To ensure we comply with the both our pharmaceutical certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), we run Third Eye camera detection equipment on our folding machines that monitors both sides of the printed sheet ensuring there are no blank sheets, sheets printed incorrectly or any mixed products.