Building Wraps: Stand Out From The Crowd

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  • Building Wraps: Stand Out From The Crowd
Print finishing
COMPLETE PERFECTION At Fisherprint TLC our in-house team handles the design, print and installation of all manner of building wraps so we know what it takes to deliver outstanding results. INITIAL CONSULTATION As always, the first step to a great solution is to agree on a fantastic design. Sometimes clients will come to us fully prepared with a proposed building wrap concept – be it text-based, a photograph or a reworking of an advertisement – but often we’ll be asked for our input to establish what might be possible given the project and building specifications. Thanks to our extensive building wrap experience and by combining the talents of our designers and installers we can quickly develop some eye-catching suggestions and create visuals for approval. GET THE FINER DETAILS RIGHT With initial concepts approved, we’ll take pictures of the building in question and draw up detailed plans of the proposed banner wrap design. These plans will outline how the banner will be fitted and what the finished wrap will look like in situ. At this stage it’s important to discuss the installation process in detail too. If the building wrap is to be installed onto scaffolding, for example, we need to adapt our material choice and manufacturing process accordingly. Whenever there is scaffolding involved, we make the building wrap from mesh to ensure the wind can pass through it easily and eliminate any chance of the building wrap bringing the scaffolding down. PUSH THE PRODUCTION BUTTON We make all building wraps in-house giving us complete control over the entire manufacturing process. Depending on the size of the banner, we will typically print it on our top-of-the-range Agfa Anapurna printer. If it’s over 5m wide then we will dissect the artwork so each section of the banner can be printed individually and reassembled on site to create one whole image. INSTALLING THE MASTERPIECE Our in-house installation team travels all over the country fitting and installing building wraps. Depending on the size of the banner, they are often fitted during the evening using specialist safety equipment. If the building wrap is being fitted onto scaffolding then our installers will make sure that the poles are flush together and will use small pieces of binding to secure the banner in place – keeping it taut against the scaffolding for a safe and stunning result. All that remains is to stand back, admire the result and enjoy the expressions of anyone passing by.