Choosing The Right Printing Partner For Your Pharmaceutical Packaging

Choosing The Right Printing Partner For Your Pharmaceutical Packaging

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  • Choosing The Right Printing Partner For Your Pharmaceutical Packaging

The UK pharmaceutical industry is a vital economic player in the UK, with an annual turnover of over £51 billion and growing. Globally, the market has been estimated at $1.27 trillion – and growing. The UK holds about 2.5 percent of this global market.

As an industry that is tightly regulated, any UK pharmaceutical industry that is looking to take advantage of this predicted growth will be increasingly seeking partners to outsource essential services and resources. Not only does this help them streamline costs – more importantly, it ensures that they have access to the specialised knowledge that is so important when working within the pharmaceutical industry.

Not every printing company has the resources or infrastructure to service the pharmaceutical industry in the highly regulated way it demands. Patient information and protection are paramount, and the complexity of systems required to ensure every single step follows the right protocols can only be achieved through rigorous assessments and investment in continuous performance-related systemisation.

Investing in the Highest Standards

The printing and packaging used by pharmaceuticals is a highly regulated area that needs strict adherence.

The Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) developed a standard specifically for medicinal and pharmaceutical packaging – PS9000:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Investment in these standards by a printing company will guarantee that pharmaceutical product packaging and printing are certified, safe, and appropriate for the intended use.

Part of the certification requirements is for a printing company to implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), a system whereby the consistency of the quality of printed materials is rigorously maintained during an increasingly automated processes.

Protecting the Patient

The regulations are there ultimately to protect the end-user. One of the key is to communicate the product information in a way that is clear and understandable. This information includes dosage strength, directions for use, and other relevant information. The design must include space and provision for clear labelling.

As a leading partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Fisherprint TLC provides a highly regulated process for all types of pharmaceutical printing solutions, working with healthcare clients from initial concept and design right through to final printing. This service includes:

Choosing The Right Printing Partner For Your Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Total in-house digital orientation.
  • Fully systemised quality control.
  • A wide range of sheet-fed printing presses from B1 to a single colour.
  • Colour management system to ensure consistency of colour across all substrates.
  • Comprehensive miniature folding finishing facilities, as well as multi-page booklet binding and leaflet folding.

Miniature printing is a highly specialised area that requires significant investment in the right equipment and processes. Patient information leaflets are a crucial component of the packaging, and the sheer volume and importance of the information they contain, makes their design and production an intense and complicated process.

Proven experience and expertise in the sector mean that we have managed to develop an extensive range of pharmaceutical products that we can tailor to provide bespoke solutions.

These different types of pharmaceutical packaging solutions include:

  • Patient information leaflets
  • Prescribing information
  • Medicine instructions
  • Cosmetic leaflets

An area of concern for populations across the globe as a whole is the proliferation of counterfeit medicines. Driven by the growing accessibility of 3D printing and its growing popularity for producing pharmaceuticals, it also opens up the doors to a whole new criminal element in rogue companies leaking dangerous counterfeits into local markets.

Product liability issues, exploitation of intellectual property, continued erosion of cyber security, and ultimately the life and safety of the end-user possibly receiving a counterfeit medication that is not fit for purpose are all growing risks in an industry that is only just beginning to scratch the surface of the risks involved.

Ensuring that the printing and packaging partner is fully regulated from the outset gives a pharmaceutical company the reassurance and confidence that its product will end up in the right hands, in the right quantities, in the right state, protecting its overall liability.

Choose Fisherprint as Your Printing Partner

Here at Fisherprint, we offer a wide array of printing services, including pharmaceutical printing. Contact us to discover what we can do for your company today.