How Can Print Benefit Your Business?

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  • How Can Print Benefit Your Business?

The Power Of Print

Printing has been around for centuries but it is only in the last few centuries that we have seen it being used as a form of advertisement and a powerful marketing tool for people and businesses worldwide.

We all know the power that print can have, but how can it benefit you and your business? How can it build brand loyalty in a time where there really isn’t such a thing? We detail some interesting and insightful tips on how print can benefit you and how you can mould it to fit your brand.

Print Can be Memorable

You can probably look back and remember when a piece of print impacted you. Whether it is from a book or magazine or simply a leaflet that you were handed in the street. It may sound strange, but those takeaway leaflets that you have shoved in the bits ‘n’ bobs draw have probably made an impact; you always know about them and you always refer back to them (probably more than we should!)

We may not think it, but even those flyers and leaflets that are handed out on the street can have an impact on someone’s mind. You can probably think of a time when you have been flicking through a magazine, been walking down the street or driving in your car and have seen something that impacted you; you saw something that made you pursue the next steps or buy a certain product or service, and that is the power that print can have.

With the ever-evolving world that is technology we are constantly being bombarded with online advertisements so much so that we become complacent and start to ignore them. However, we all know that print is accessible as it can be seen everywhere, no matter where you go.

Simply walking through the aisles at a supermarket you will see signs and banners that display the latest offers and information. Reading a magazine will most likely present a series of inserts and advertisements detailing a variety of different products or services, some of which you will take notice of, and many other you’ll simply throw away.

But the element we’re stressing is that print can be accessed by everybody the world over. It isn’t like the internet where there are many who don’t have access, print can be seen and passed onto multiple people.

Its tangible nature ensures that people are actually going to touch and feel it. They are more likely to take notice of something when they can hold it in their hands. This is just another element of why print has a more powerful and lasting effect over some digital media.

Print Can Encourage a Sale

Print can be an encouraging tool that many professional marketers still use constantly as it has the pulling power to attain large and influential audiences. Referring back to those takeaway menus that you have in your kitchen drawer, these encourage a sale through the visuals, and that they fill a need (a somewhat unhealthy need).

Various flyers and leaflets, whether they be direct mail outs or posted through the letterbox all have the pulling power to influence a sale on the reader. Catchy headlines and bold sale messages are usually the go-to when it comes to selling, and it may seem a little tried and done, but these things work.

If you want to go for something slightly simpler, then by all means do, but make sure that your headline and sale message is punchy enough to draw in people’s attention. This is where you imagery comes into play as you need to quickly gather the reader’s attention and have them instantly interested in what you are selling.