How Can You Stop Your Print Being Binned?

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  • How Can You Stop Your Print Being Binned?

Print is a fickle game

One day your print job can capture the attentions of hundreds of potential customers, and other times, it doesn’t. Keeping your print from ending up on the floor or the bin can be a tricky concept as you have to instantly engage the reader from the get-go.

Capture the Reader Instantly

If you have been following the Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners blog for some time you will have seen that we have spoken about different marketing tools in terms of grabbing the reader’s attention. This is a vital aspect of any print job, no matter the size or budget as the sole purpose of print is to attract.

What you need to think about as a customer is the purpose. What will this print job be used for? Who will be reading/looking at it or who do you want to read/look at it? Once you have this initial research completed, you can then start to think of a colour scheme or theme to your printed project.

Again, keeping your reader in mind, you have to instantly engage them. It’s no good having a print job that not only your target audience doesn’t want to pick up but other potential customers don’t want to use either.

Having a clear colour scheme in attractive and eye-catching colours is key to garnering the correct customers for your advertisement or product. What you have to be careful of, however, is going overboard with such things as they can look overdone and, in some cases, tacky.

Make it Clear

If you want to convey a message or product then you need to make it clear instantly. There’s no good having a fantastic product or service that people have to search for in a print job. We have all been in a situation here we cannot find the message or what the product does instantly, so we simply disregard the piece entirely, and that is something we don’t want with your print job.

Again, in the early stages you need to know what your message is that you want to convey. Unless you don’t have your clear research, you cannot move forward with your print job, else it may end in disappointment.

Does it Give the Reader a Next Step?

What a lot of customers fail to do when presenting a new product or service is to give their potential readers/customers a next step in the process. This can come under the same umbrella as the message you want to get across.

Giving the readers that vital next step will give them an action to fulfill a need. Customers who are left in the dark about certain aspects of your service or product will be more likely to discard your print job, and this is something that you don’t want.