Monomeric Vinyl Vs Polymeric Vinyl

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  • Monomeric Vinyl Vs Polymeric Vinyl

Whether your project is indoor or outdoor, permanent or temporary, large or small we can select the right type of vinyl for you and your requirements.

Monomeric Vinyl:

  • This product is the more cost effective option and is used for short-term, indoor use such as shop windows, events advertising, short term hoardings etc.
  • The material comprises of low molecular size plasticisers which due to their closeness can make the material brittle and result in shrinkage when used in tough environments over longer periods.
window vinyl

Polymeric Vinyl:

  • This product, although slightly more expensive, is the material we suggest for tougher environments including long-term indoor use and all outdoor use.
  • Polymeric vinyl contains larger molecular size plasticisers which are less likely to cause shrinkage or become brittle over longer time periods.
External signs Peterborough

Whichever vinyl is right for your job we will always match it with the relevant mono or polymeric laminate available in Matt, Satin or Gloss finish.