Plan Ahead. Stress Less.

As thoughts move from sunny beaches and ice creams and start to turn to delivering Autumn and Christmas promotions (no, really!) we’re noticing a real increase in enquiries and orders on top of what has already been a busy summer.

So, to help us maintain the high standards you have come to expect from Fisherprint TLC we thought we’d share some of the key things we think can make a huge difference to effective project planning and delivery:

1. Be clear on the delivery date

It might sound obvious but be sure we know the precise delivery date for your materials. This means we can flag any issues ASAP (like availability of a particular paper stock) that might make delivery more challenging. We’ll also know to push for delivery of the artwork (or ask our design team to deliver concepts by a certain date) to ensure the job can be produced in a timely fashion.

2. Allow time for proofing and approvals

In an ideal world there will be one person responsible for signing off the final work but some larger organisations may have more than one person who needs to see the proofs. With more than one in the chain there is the potential for delays so be sure to take account of this when planning timings. If things go smoothly then you will only be ahead of the game.

3. Use our expertise

If the project involves unusual materials or applications then it can be hard to estimate the timings when compared to a more conventional project. We have experience of producing a range of print and signage solutions in a wide variety of settings. Our designers, production team and installers are all ideally positioned to explain the time required to get the job done correctly.

Here to Help

We’ve built an industry-leading reputation over 71 years by doing whatever we can to ensure our clients receive the best end result. With a little bit of forward planning you can be sure you’ll receive materials that will far exceed your expectations.