Printed Magazines

We recently read in Campaign that TV giant ITV are launching a printed magazine in a bid to reach new audiences. Starting with a pilot issue, if successful, ITV plan to publish the magazine quarterly. ITV magazine will feature interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and content covering travel, fitness and lifestyle.

Given the popularity of ITV and its nationwide prominence this foray into print is surely an indication that the value of print in terms of audience reach cannot be disputed.

At Fisherprint TLC naturally we have long been advocates of the value of print and have written previous blogs on this very topic:

Certainly printed magazines are something we do on a daily basis for a number of clients and they continue to be an effective and informative marketing tool.

Insider is a monthly magazine we print on behalf of Cambridge Weight Plan and distribute to all of their counsellors who work with clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

So far they have helped over 30 million people lose weight through the plan – and we are delighted to have played a small part in this.

We’ve also been printing Q Style Magazine bi-annually for Queensgate Shopping Centre for the past 2 years – in April and October. The magazine gives the public an insight into exclusive offers and upcoming events at the shopping centre and showcases a range of goods targeted at all ages that are available to buy in-stores at the centre in Peterborough.

Commercial printers Peterborough

We print 50,000 copies of the magazine of which we distribute 45,000 with 5,000 going the centre. We think you can agree that is a healthy readership and highlights the efficacy of print in reaching a large audience.

Print is a cost-effective, long lasting and valuable method of communication with your customers and one which we see continuing to be integral from a marketing perspective for many years to come.