Product of the Month: Miniature Folding

As one of the UK’s leading miniature printing experts we have extensive in-house capabilities to print, manufacture and fold miniature leaflets and stitch or spine glue booklets commonly used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We are proud to be one of a select few printing companies certified to PS 9000:2013, the standard developed by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group.

What makes us unique?

We can print on paper as thin as 45gsm. The average printing company will have a minimum paper weight constraint of 90gsm that is significantly more bulky and doesn’t allow such tight folds.

The more complicated the fold, the thinner the paper needs to be.

Most printers will stitch down to A6 size, whereas we have the capability to stitch as small as 65mm x 35mm.

To ensure we comply with the both our pharmaceutical certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), we run Third Eye camera detection equipment on our folding machines that monitors both sides of the printed sheet ensuring there are no blank sheets, sheets printed incorrectly or any mixed products.

What is the advantage of a spine glued booklet?

Our spine glued capabilities allow us to produce a tamper-proof product, in other words allowing the detection of a forcibly removed page or pages. The other advantage is that a spine glued booklet is produced from one sheet that makes it impossible for pages to be erroneously missed or duplicated which guarantees the integrity of the finished product and is therefore ideal for use in the content critical pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

There are also economic benefits to be had from this product in the commercial sector. Spine glued booklets ultimately end up laying far flatter when finished than wire stitched booklets. Any mailing house that uses this product to insert into envelopes will have the benefit of up to 25% quicker and more efficient inserting capability.

Here are some examples of recent miniature folding projects we have worked on for our customers:

Killer Lashes

  • Printed on 50gsm uncoated paper with a flat size of 240 x 210mm and folded down to 40 x 105mm
Printing Peterborough

Vape Mate

  • All printed on 50gsm uncoated paper, folded to size 125mm x 20mm and the leaflet has 8 pages in total.
  • At the customer’s request, we shrink wrap these leaflets in trays containing 400 leaflets per tray making it easier to feed through their machines.

Kosei Pharma – Matrifen

  • All printed on 50gsm uncoated paper – flat size is 160 x 558.8mm and then folded down to 40 x 56mm
  • Shrink wrapped in trays
Pharmaceutical leaflet print

UK Vapour Brands

  • All printed on 60gsm uncoated paper – flat size is 130 x 40mm and then folded to 130 x 20mm
  • Shrink wrapped in trays