Product of the Month: UV-Curable Inks

Spring and Summer bring with them lots of benefits – nice weather, barbecues and holidays to name just a few but the sunshine and heat can pose problems for long-term signage.

At Fisherprint TLC we use UV-curable inks when printing on our wide-format Agfa Anapurna printer. They provide a large colour gamut, high colour vibrancy and, thanks to good ink adhesion, high image longevity and outdoor resistance.

Anapurna ink formulations are based on high quality pigments with high fade resistance to ensure stability for long-term outdoor applications. Accelerated weathering tests on different substrates indicate an outdoor durability of more than two years – probably even more than three years under Western European, outdoor conditions.

If your printed images may be subject to extreme outdoor conditions (e.g. desert climate), we recommend laminating them or coating them with a UV-protective layer.

We installed these ‘BRISTOL’ letters at Cabot Circus, Bristol. They were manufactured using aluminium which was cut to shape with each letter being cut to 180mm deep and 1800mm high. UV printed vinyl graphics were applied to all front facing edges. We used a 5-7 year polymeric vinyl and laminate to ensure the highest durability in all weathers.

We also installed an Arket hoarding at The Bullring in Birmingham. We used polymeric 5-7 year vinyl and laminate applied direct to the hoarding. The graphics were printed using UV inks – vital for outdoor use.