Pharmaceutical Printed Packaging


When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging boxes, you can never be too careful. There are a series of regulations in the UK that all pharmaceutical companies must adhere to when selecting and developing their packaging. Despite this, you always want to ensure that your customer is convinced and comforted by your product, which packaging plays a huge role in. 

Here at Fisherprint, we’re equipped to handle various types of packaging of pharmaceutical products, allowing you to distribute your product safely and efficiently. The pharmaceutical UK industry is a strict one, which is why we’re dedicated to delivering the best printed packaging for the purpose throughout the nation. 


As of 2011, we are proudly certified to PS9000:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standard, which was developed by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG). This is in relation to pharmaceutical and medicinal packaging, certifying that our pharma packaging designs are suitable for their intended use. As a result, our pharmaceutical clients don’t need to concern themselves with further inspections of our product packaging services. 

Our top-of-the-range packaging printer machine allows us to deliver high-quality pharmaceutical printed packaging across all quantities, specifications, and budgets. For anyone looking to shop packaging for pharmaceutical purposes, Fisherprint is the ideal solution. 


Since the regulations are so strict when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, we only liaise with the best pharmaceutical packaging material suppliers. Typically speaking, your packaging will come in the form of a box or a carton.

A box has three paper layers, comprising an outside liner, an inside liner, and fluting between each of these layers. On the other hand, a carton is solely made up of cardboard material. Upon discussing your project in detail, we’ll be able to make a decision regarding the best method of packaging for your product. We’ll bear in mind every requirement of the packaging, as well as the aesthetic appearance to provide you with the ideal solution. 



Fisherprint can provide you with an array of benefits when it comes to producing pharmaceutical packaging. We offer a total in-house digital origination, quality control service, cataloguing, database management, and a colour management system to achieve consistency across all substrates.

It’s vitally important that individuals trust pharmaceutical products and the quality of our packaging will help you attain the trust of your customers. For further information regarding our pharmaceutical printed packaging, please don’t hesitate to get in touch


If you’re thinking about a new pharmaceutical print project then we’d really love to hear from you. We can help from concept to completion – just let us know your requirements. Call us on 01733 341444.