Should You Use Print in Your Marketing?

At Fisherprint TLC we are all too aware of the misconceptions surrounding print advertising – that it is bad for the environment, expensive and old-fashioned.

On the other hand, the positives of digital are often lauded – it is an instantaneous medium that in the increasingly digital world is the chosen means for people to digest information.

However, experience and evidence continually show that people still enjoy interacting and engaging with print because it is tangible, so people actively take the time to read it.

So, what are some of the clear benefits of print?


While digital is a great means for getting your message out there in a way that is quick, cost-effective and will be seen be a large number of people you are not able to control what else your user sees. No matter how long you’ve spent crafting your message and designing your ad or banner you can’t control pop-up ads or anything else on the screen that your customers may be distracted by.


As print has fallen out of favour with some companies in recent years, running a print campaign is a really great opportunity for your business to stand out from the crowd. People are flooded with thousands of messages online daily from websites to emails, banner ads to pop-up ads. A really nice brochure or DM print campaign landing on a customer or prospect’s desk will make them sit back and pay attention as something refreshing and different.


We’ll admit it – print is a little slower than digital – while you can post to social media in seconds, sending a brochure or flyer out takes a little more time. But, that can work in your favour; the extra time and effort required in running a print campaign shows your customers that you’re invested in your message and in them – and will make them feel that bit more special.


In the digital age people are flooded with information online 24/7 and consequently their attention spans are very short – the average person will skim through an article online, or through a social media feed and you’ll only have a few seconds to capture their attention. With a printed medium however, people are more likely to take the time to sit down and digest it and that gives you a lot more time to impress them with your content.


When you look at it terms of reach print can work out more expensive than digital as you’re never going to be able to target thousands of people with a print campaign without a large financial outlay. However, you can use this to your advantage. If you nail down your key message and identify the key prospects or customers you wish to target you’ll have more budget left to blow their socks off with some beautiful premium design work which will really make them sit up and take note.

While digital is a vital marketing tool and should certainly be a part of any company’s marketing strategy print equally should not be overlooked.

With such variation out there on the printed elements you can offer, to suit all size print runs and budgets it really is a valid and we’ve seen incredibly effective option for all kinds of businesses.