Self Adhesive Anti-Slip Floor Vinyls

Social distancing measures have been introduced to reduce social interaction between people and reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Floor vinyls in retail spaces, offices and manufacturing facilities can help people to follow the rules and save lives.

Social distancing restrictions are affecting us all and it seems likely that they will for a long time yet. As we adjust to a ‘new normal’ thoughts will turn to how we can make the spaces we are responsible for safer for employees, clients and customers.

This will undoubtedly involve a rethink about how people move around workspaces, shops and factories. As we agree new layouts, entrances, exits and waiting areas we need an obvious way to highlight this to people. That’s where floor vinyls come in.

Eye-catching, hard-wearing and simple to install floor graphics can provide a powerful boost to your efforts to enforce social distancing.

Our experience has shown how floor vinyls are extremely versatile and can be used for both internal and external projects.

For indoor use we utilise a polymeric vinyl or Class 0 fire retardant vinyl both with anti-slip laminate as standard. For outdoor use we offer StreetRap with anti-slip laminate design to be heat applied onto concrete/tiles or slabs and to cope with all weathers.

Use bold colours to encourage people to remind people about remaining a set distance apart (2m is the current recommended distance) or highlight specific areas where people must stand if they are to use your office, store or warehouse.

We can work with your own design or can help you create a set of social distancing floor graphics to match your corporate branding and incorporate key safety messages.

Protect yourself and your people