The Perfect Solution for Riot Squad E-Liquid

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  • The Perfect Solution for Riot Squad E-Liquid

The UK is the world’s second-largest market for vape products, it is the fastest-growing industry in the country with sales hitting £1bn this year and estimated to grow to £2bn by 2020.*

With the rapidly-growing market for e-liquid products and as of May 2017 the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) guidelines that require informative leaflets to accompany them by law, vape companies need a printer they can trust to print these documents accurately and cost-effectively with limited space available. That’s where we come in…

As one of the UK’s leading miniature printing experts we have extensive in-house capabilities to print, manufacture and fold miniature leaflets.

We are proud to be one of a select few printing companies certified to PS 9000:2013, the standard developed by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group.

We can print on paper as thin as 45gsm. The average printing company will have a minimum paper weight constraint of 90gsm that is significantly more bulky and doesn’t allow such tight folds. Our specialist folding machines allow us to fold to the tiniest of sizes. Both ideal for producing leaflets that will fit well into small e-liquid cartons and wrap around bottles.

To ensure we comply with both our pharmaceutical certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), we run Third Eye camera detection equipment on our folding machines that monitors both sides of the printed sheet ensuring there are no blank sheets, sheets printed incorrectly or any mixed products. ‍

vape leaflet printing

We recently printed a set of different designs of informative leaflets for our client Riot Squad E-Liquid. These were printed and trimmed to a flat size of 120mmx120mm and folded down to 40mmx40mm. We used 60gsm offset paper, printed in colour on both sides.

The customer was delighted with the result, as Rowena Brown, Head of Operations – Riot Squad E-Liquid said:

“At Riot Squad E-Liquid we have 4 award-winning e-liquid brands, as well as 10 white label brands that we produce from a molecular level, from our laboratory in Milton Keynes.

As we distribute to over 80 countries worldwide and industry laws and customer requirements change dramatically in each market, we have used Fisherprint TLC to print 210,000 leaflets to accompany our bottles for a customer in Poland. With restricted space on our patented bullet bottle packaging, we rely on our printers to offer cost-effective and time-saving solutions in order to make sure our product is not just law-abiding, but is aesthetically pleasing.

The leaflets were a perfect solution to keep excess warnings off our bottles and allow us to convey extra marketing messages to consumers in Poland.”