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Sign design and installation are incredibly important for any business looking to establish and maintain a brand identity. Any corporate signage business will tell you that your signage is one of the first things that your customers encounter when interacting with your company. Therefore, it’s vital that your signage makes an impact all the way from its design to its installation.

In addition to being one of the best signage companies in the UK, Fisherprint is also among the most established sign installation companies. It’s all well and good having a quality sign designed, but what happens when the sign has been created and it’s good to go? Thankfully, Fisherprint offers innovative signage design alongside installation services, allowing for a seamless process.

What is the Purpose of Signage?

Signage has various purposes, and we aim to hit every criterion for our clients. Whether it’s to raise awareness, direct, inform, identify, or promote, we’ll do all we can to ensure your signage does what it needs to do from the initial design to the final installation.

Initial Briefing

The initial stage of the signage installation is the briefing, whereby our team visits the site to determine what’s required and understand the target audience and surrounding environment. During the visit, measurements will be taken, ground conditions will be assessed, and sign locations will be determined.

Developing the Concept

Upon the brief being decided, we’ll make recommendations regarding the technology and processes. We’ll be sure to work alongside you and bring your design and installation dreams to life as we develop a scaled preview of the concept. Once you’re happy with the colour schemes, heights, proximity, and other necessary details, the materials can be selected.

Our abundance of experience means that we’re able to propose innovative and cost-effective solutions that will adhere to the requirements of your signage. All our suggestions will be made with durability and structural integrity in mind so that you can achieve a quality finish.

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Site or Technical Survey

Depending on the scale of the project, a full survey of the location will be required, in order to ensure the final design adheres to the landscape’s characteristics and its purpose. When signs are being installed at a height, a technical survey will also be necessary to draw attention to any issues that the site visit may not have highlighted. These issues may include the building’s structural integrity, vehicle access, terrain, power supply, and accessibility. This is also the time in which health and safety requirements will be assessed.

Design, Prototype and Proof

A 2D colour visual of the design will be created for the client to approve, and engineering drawings will be used for more complex projects.

Before the manufacturing process begins, the client will receive a PDF of the drawings, dimensions, materials, and annotated installation location. Upon the approval of such, the manufacturing can go ahead.

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There are various materials that signage can be manufactured from depending on the project requirements. These materials include laminate, vinyl, plastic, metal, timber, and more.
Metal is probably the most versatile material due to its unmatched flexibility, longevity, and strength. Similarly, it presents a multitude of opportunities when it comes to finishing options, allowing for powder coating, spraying, painting, and polishing.

Timber can be effective for a rustic feel; however, faux timber can also be installed for this same effect with added longevity and more affordable costs.

We use the most cutting-edge technology when it comes to the creation and installation of your signs, regardless of material.


When it comes to signage installation, safety and security are at the forefront of our priorities. Despite this, we’re also dedicated to ensuring that all our signs stand the test of time. Due to our wealth of experience, we’re proud to say that we’ve worked in all manner of environments, meaning we can employ the safest and most effective installation methods. In doing so, we execute a thorough risk assessment for every project we carry out.

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Maintain and Refresh

The work doesn’t come to a halt upon the signage being installed. Instead, even the best quality materials may fall victim to the elements or other external factors. Similarly, trends evolve, meaning that signs may need to be updated to keep up with style developments. Therefore, we’re on hand to help when your signage is in need of maintenance and refreshment.

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If you’re desperately on the hunt for “sign installers near me”, look no further than Fisherprint. Get in touch to discover what we can do for your company.