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Transforming Retail Environments 

When it comes to retail environments, it’s all about attracting customers into your space and encouraging them to purchase your product. Not only does your company branding need to be clear, but it needs to entice your target audience into the premises. The best way to transform a retail environment is through engaging signage that not only informs but also intrigues consumers. 

With this being said, your signage says a lot about your business, so you must be careful to present yourself how you wish to be perceived. For example, when you want to convey fun quirkiness, you should use bright colours and bold prints. On the other hand, if you’re looking to portray serious professionalism, your shades and shapes should remain neutral. Signage is among the key factors of transforming your retail environment to become what you hope it to be. 

Hoarding Signage

Typically speaking, hoardings are placed in front of a retail premises whilst it’s still in the development stages ahead of opening. These are imperative when it comes to informing consumers about what is to occupy the space. It’s a good idea to print the anticipated launch date onto the hoarding so that consumers are more inclined to visit the store upon opening. Usually, hoardings will cover the entirety of a retail premises’ entry point, so you need to be sure to make proper use of this large space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the design needs to be bright and busy, but rather, striking in a way that highlights the intended environment of the retail premises. 

External Signage

Once the store is up and running, the first thing that a consumer will encounter is the external signage. The signage should make it abundantly clear what the store is and what the customer can expect of the environment. Most retail premises will have their logo printed on their external signage so that the consumer is able to immediately identify what they’re entering into. The external signage completely moulds the consumer’s perception of the retail environment – even ahead of entry – therefore, you should be sure to make a good first impression with the external signage as this is, ultimately, what will influence them to step beyond the threshold. 

Window Vinyls

After the external signage, the next thing that consumers will look at is window vinyls. The design of window vinyls can vary from store to store, whether you’re displaying eye-catching images or can’t-miss deals. Window vinyls can cover the entirety of the window so that your customer must enter the premises to see what’s on offer. Alternatively, they can cover only a portion so that your customer gets a sneak peek at what’s on the inside to entice them to delve further. Ultimately, any signage on the outside of the premises is all about inviting consumers into your retail environment. 

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners almost convey celebration which portrays your retail environment as an area of success. This allusion to success encourages your consumer to trust you, which will optimise sales in turn. Hanging banners are ideal for displaying important information such as where the checkouts, changing rooms, or toilets are located. This clarity makes your customer feel at ease, contributing to their trust in the premises and encouraging them to make further purchases. On top of this, sales and promotions can be displayed on hanging banners, summoning customers to make their way over and have a browse. 

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics have skyrocketed in importance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating floor markers to keep people two metres away from one another. Once again, this is a great way to make your customers feel safe and secure, improving their trust in the company and influencing them to make purchases. Additionally, floor graphics are ideal for creating a fun retail atmosphere during seasons of celebration. For example, many supermarkets use floor graphics to create an Easter egg trail down their seasonal aisle. Floor graphics are perfect for keeping consumers of all ages engaged within your retail environment. 

Point of Sale (POS) Signage

One of the major rules of retail is that everyone loves a bargain, so it’s imperative that these bargains are clearly signposted. POS signage is crucial to highlighting sales and offers to customers. POS signs should always be placed at the rear of the store so that customers must walk through the whole product selection before reaching the sales point. This will awaken their interest in non-sale items and tempt them to make further purchases. 

Transform Your Retail Environment with Fisherprint

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