FOLDING MASTERCLASS: What is a Double Parallel Fold?

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  • FOLDING MASTERCLASS: What is a Double Parallel Fold?

Elevate Your Print

Folding is a great way to enhance your print job. Using simple yet effective techniques, folding can elevate your print to a more professional and interesting level. Here at Fisherprin TLC Signs & Banners we have over 70 years of experience in dealing with a variety of print jobs, whether they be big or small. We offer a complete printing service in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, including brochures, leaflets, catalogues, magazines, posters are much more.

Folding is a finishing process that many forget the power of. Not only enhancing your print job, folding can make your print job easier for mail outs and other forms of communication. The double parallel fold is a fold that nests within itself open to open out to a full page leaflet when in use.

What is a Double Parallel Fold?

A double parallel fold is both simple in theory and in practice with maximum impact. The fold itself requires the piece of paper to be folded in half and then in half again. The second fold creates a nesting effect to the leaflet, meaning it will completely fold out revealing the interior.

This type of fold is common on promotional leaflets and particularly print jobs which have to be posted to their potential customers due to their smaller folded size. A double parallel fold can also be seen on items such as maps because they can be folded to an extremely reduced size.

How is a Double Parallel Fold Completed?

Like all folded print jobs they all start life on the large printing presses that are housed here in the Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners factory. Once the sheets of paper have been printed and approved they then move over to the cutting and trimming station where they are taken down to the correct size that the customer has specified.

Once the sheets have been trimmed it is then time to start the folding process. Folding can be done in two ways, either by hand or by using a folding machine. In the case of a double parallel fold, this is one the can be done either way.

A common fold in pharmaceutical printing, a double parallel fold can be completed and processed extremely quickly. Pharmaceutical print is small in comparison to most commercial printing and when they are placed on the machine the go be folded at a rate of thousands per day.

To ensure the highest quality throughout the folding process we enable our 3rd Eye technology. This technology allows us to check every single piece of print job that goes through our machinery. A camera is placed about the machine, and as the paper passes through it scans it and checks for any misprints, incorrect folding, and any other mistakes that might have occurred.

To do such things by hand would take a tremendous amount of time and labour to complete. A double parallel fold, as mentioned before, is a fold that is folded in half and in half again, creating eight panels (four on either side) with three fold creases.

Smaller printed jobs can be completed on one of the various printing machines that are housed here at Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners.

Larger print jobs, however, may need to be thought about in terms of logistics.