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The Perfect Finish

Folding is a great finishing process that can be added to your print job with ease. Depending on what you as a customer have requested, the team here at Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners can quote and guide you through all of the different folding or finishing services that we offer here.

The gatefold has long been a popular and professional way of presenting a new product or service. Much like its other folded counterparts, the gatefold it a relatively simple and effective way of presenting your work. With a total of six panels and two creases, this simple folding technique packs a punch when it comes to impressions.

What is a Gatefold?

A gatefold is a two crease six panel fold with three panels being on either side of a piece of paper. Most commonly used for professional flyers and leaflets, the gatefold is based off of a parallel fold due to the two creases being parallel to one another.

The name is derived from what you all initially thought, a gate due to its double opening capabilities. Also know as the window fold, the gatefold has sufficed as a useful and practical method of folding leaflets for some time and its professional finish allows it to stand the test of time.

How is a Gatefold Completed?

A gatefold looks like a fairly simple process to complete, however when it comes to finishing such a process in batch it can become difficult. The folding machines that are housed here at Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners are capable of performing a plethora of operations.

When the fold itself is quite complex, i.e. it requires multiple folds in different areas then some folding machines simply cannot perform the action. However, here at Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners we can complete a number of different folds and techniques to ensure that your print job meets your standards as as customer.

The gatefold can be done either by hand or on the machine, however, each process comes with its own pros and cons, i.e. timescale, room for error, efficiency and cost. The team here at Fisherprint | TLC Signs & Banners will be able to advise you on the best process for your folding job, so you won’t need to worry about deciding for yourself.