What is Miniature Folding?

What is miniature folding?

Predominantly found in the pharmaceutical sector, miniature folding is a finishing process which is used when space is tight and high volumes of text must be included.

If you have ever opened a packet of paracetamol you will have seen an information booklet or a small piece of folded paper containing a lot of vital information such as the ingredients and instructions for use.

This is a miniature folded leaflet.

The process

Previously, the process of pharmaceutical print was fairly simple. The information would be printed over several pages in a booklet, which would then be saddle stitched. This, however, caused many problems.

These booklets could be tampered with by customers who would remove the staples, take out a page or pages and put the staples back. They would then contact the pharmaceutical company and claim information was missing when they received the item and file a lawsuit for misconduct which could be very costly.

A new method of printing and folding pharmaceutical print was created to combat this issue which we still use today. Under the new process the whole information booklet is printed onto one sheet of paper which is then folded and spine-glued. This prevents people from claiming that their booklet is missing pages or doesn’t contain the correct information.

So, how is it done?

There are many rules and regulations surrounding pharmaceutical print, as if printed incorrectly or with any sections missing, the results could be very dangerous.

As an expert in pharmaceutical print Fisherprint TLC have a stringent system in place for ensuring that all printed elements are correct, complete and folded in the right way.

Once off the presses, Fisherprint TLC use our 3rd Eye Camera Technology to detect any print work that is incorrect, misprinted or has any damage to it. Once detected, the machine instantly rejects the faulty print job. If there are numerous faults in the same print job, then the entire order is monitored and re-evaluated.

When the leaflet is folded, it is done so in a way to deter lawsuits and negligence, by spine-gluing. This means is that the whole leaflet is printed on one sheet of paper rather than individual pages, then folded and glue is applied to an edge and then adhered to the paper.

The entire process, including the 3rd eye technology all happens on one small folding machine that we house in our factory.

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