Why Bespoke Packaging is Vital for Brand Success

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  • Why Bespoke Packaging is Vital for Brand Success

Your brand is more than just a logo; it’s your identity. Branding encapsulates everything your company stands for, including your values, your mission, and your commitment to your customers. Good branding can be the difference between your business thriving or failing, and we’re not just talking about the logo design. 

If you sell a physical product, packaging will become the beating heart of how consumers perceive your business. If you make the wrong packaging decisions, your business will suffer as a consequence. This is because packaging has a direct impact on consumer buying habits. It can quite literally be the difference between your product being left on the shelf and a customer choosing to buy your competitor’s product instead. 

When a person has no brand loyalty, they will turn to packaging to decide whether or not to buy something, and they won’t take long to make a choice. In fact, it’s thought that the average person spends as little as five seconds deciding if they want to purchase an item. This is very little time at all, meaning you need to make sure your packaging is perfect if you’re going to encourage people to buy into your brand. 

The way you can do this is through bespoke packaging. Though it will cost more production-wise compared to a basic solution, the impact it has on your overall company cannot be understated. 

Differentiates your brand from your competitors

The average supermarket can have upwards of 40,000 different products on the shelves. This can be incredibly overwhelming from a consumer’s perspective, but in addition to this, it can make it exceptionally difficult for businesses to get their brand noticed amongst the countess sea of others.

In the end, what makes your brand stand out over all others is custom printed packaging. If your packaging blends in with the rest, you can run into two potential problems: people buying your product assuming it’s actually a different brand, or people simply not noticing your product at all. 

If you want your brand to be competitive, you need to make sure your packaging is unique so that it stands out. Don’t fall into the trap of copying what everyone does – think outside the box and use colours, shapes, and dimensions that are totally different to everything else. This will make your product instantly identifiable and drive sales through recognition and uniqueness alone.

Builds loyalty with customers and clients

Printed packaging is one of the most effective ways to build up brand awareness, and it is this that contributes to loyalty with customers. In fact, more than half of consumers have admitted that they would re-purchase an item from a company purely based on premium packaging. Premium doesn’t need to mean expensive; you can create the illusion of luxury by paying close attention to your custom printed packaging. 

For example, Twinings is renowned as a more luxurious tea brand, and a major part of this is their packaging. It’s vastly different and premium-looking compared to other brands, and this is what a lot of consumers buy into. It doesn’t even need to a premium packaging aesthetic; something that clearly shows thought and that is different from all the rest will stay in customer’s minds, making them far more likely to remember your company and come back for more. 

Promotes business growth

You may be surprised to know that approximately 90% of all packaging is re-used later on. From bags and boxes to pouches and tubs, there’s a high chance that your product’s packaging will be used again. Not only does this highlight how important manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging is, but it also shows how important bespoke branding is. 

If a customer re-uses a bag you supplied, your branding will extend far further than the initial buyer, and if it’s done right, your branding will pique interest. 

It’s not just in-person that your branding can make a difference – consumers everywhere love good packaging, so much so that almost three quarters of young people say they would happily share a photo of packaging on social media, potentially increasing your brand reach to thousands more people. If people like your branding and your packaging, they will likely make a purchase, therefore growing your business with very little input from you beyond the production stage. 

Bespoke Packaging Printing in the UK

From the points raised above, it’s clear that how you brand your products is just as important as how you develop them. To increase your business’ success, it’s vital that you pay close attention to your branding and make sure it represents your company values. If you want to be one of the businesses that reports 30% more interest from consumers as a direct result of paying due diligence to packaging, Fisherprint can help. 


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