Why is Signage so Important to Your Business?

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  • Why is Signage so Important to Your Business?

Signage is one of the most important facets of any business. When executed well, signs for businesses improve brand awareness and drive footfall, potentially even increasing revenue as a result. When executed poorly, they can have the adverse effect. This highlights the impact signage can have on your business, but you might be wondering why it’s so important and what makes it so critical to your success. 

We’ve put together four key benefits sign installation can bring your business. 


1. Raise brand awareness

The first and arguably most important reason you need to get signage installed in and around your business is to raise your brand awareness. There are countless brands that are instantly recognisable as a result of their branding and signage, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, IKEA, and Apple. Whilst these are international brands that are among the biggest in the world, they became recognisable through consistent signage and branding. 

Installing a big, noticeable sign above your business’ entrance will give your brand a street presence that people will grow to recognise, but you need to remember to carry it throughout your premises. From vinyl signs on displays to illuminated wall signs behind the checkout/reception area, ensuring your branding is present throughout your business premises will ensure customers and clients know where they are, and it will re-affirm your branding and boost the association. This will eventually increase your brand awareness, and this is a key factor behind growth. 


2. Highlights key sales promotions 

If you’ve got any key services or products you want to push, signage is the best way you can draw attention to them. Window signs are commonly used to do this and play a vital role in tempting customers or clients to come in and speak to you. In fact, according to a recent survey, 67% of people said they had bought something or spent money on a service based on signage alone. 

You most commonly see this as a marketing tool used by retail and hospitality businesses, but if you have a physical premises where people can come in to talk about a product or a service, signage should work effectively. 


3. Reflects your business values 

First impressions are everything, and signage plays a bigger role than you might think in creating a good first impression. A survey by FedEx found that 68% of consumers think signage and branding is a direct reflection of the quality of the services and products on offer. This reaffirms that people are judging your business on how it’s presented from the outside, meaning you need to take every care to present your brand in the best way possible. 

If your signage is decrepit and not in the best shape, it could give passers-by the impression that you don’t care too much about how your brand is portrayed, nor do you care about finer details. According to the same survey, bad signage could be deterring as much as 50% of prospective consumers from even coming into your workplace, resulting in a lower revenue stream. 

If your brand is professional, serious, and reputable, make sure your signage reflects this. 


4. Provides a sense of direction 

It’s not always easy to find your way on a busy high street or in a corporate area, and this is why signage is so important. Clients might not be abundantly clear on where they can find your premises, and the last thing you want is to have them circling car parks and side streets trying to find you. Clear, effective signage can prevent people from getting confused or lost when trying to locate your premises. 

This reduces the chances of losing out on income due to a lack of visibility, but it’s also important from an accessibility point of view, too. 


What types of signage should you use?

There are countless types of signage that you can have installed, including subtle floor signs and flamboyant overhead lettering. The type of signage you choose will need to reflect your business and its location. For example, a standalone store on the high street may need overhead signs, pavement signs, and window displays, whereas a client-facing office may need directional signage and vinyl stickers only. 

If you’re unsure what type of signage would be best for your business, please contact us. We are experts in sign installation and are on hand to help you with any questions you may have. 


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